More than human

People focused, passion driven.

Being an HR professional means continuous adaptation and change. Our standards, goals, and best practices are always evolving, and so are we. That’s why we’re holding the 2024 HRPA Summit—to discuss the future of our industry, be proactive about change, and train ourselves to expect the unexpected. 

The Summit is a singular opportunity to build networks of support. It’s an opportunity to spend time with your industry peers, learn from passionate HR professionals, and bring your own expertise to the table. Plus, attendees will be eligible for Continuing Professional Development credits! 

Let’s face it, most people don’t see the full picture of what HR professionals do. So, let’s celebrate the passion that we have for what we do, and the many ways we support our companies and the people that work for them. 

Whether you are a member of HRPA or not, whether you’re attending in-person or virtually, join us to learn about the power of the modern HR professional, and how we are truly more than human! 

Why this event
For HR professionals, the HRPA Summit is where the intersection of practicality and surprise will spark inspiration, foster meaningful connections, and shape the future of HR. Programming will propel professionals to new heights of excellence and innovation while upholding HRPA’s commitment to raising the bar and bringing the WOW.
What to expect
The Summit will be held on one day in person with content happening concurrently across four Ontario locations: Toronto, Kitchener, Sudbury, Ottawa. Participants can also attend virtually however online participation will only feature Toronto programming. Featured keynotes from the Toronto programming will be broadcasted and featured in the Kitchener, Sudbury and Ottawa agendas. In addition to the in person programming, HRPA is curating on-demand content to extend and expand the value of your learning.
Benefits of attending
With innovative programming and strategic partnerships combined with inspiring subject matter experts, all elements of the Summit will educate, empower and elevate the human in HR. The Summit will inspire each of us to raise the bar, to get things done and take our “why” seriously. We will stand up for inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility. Attend to feel motivated and enriched, to build connections and elevate your engagement and celebrate the extraordinary scope of what an HR professional must be for their company and people.

Get Credit!

The 2024 HRPA Summit will be eligible for CPD hours. Details will be announced as soon as they become available.


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We will be seeking member volunteers to help shape the experience of our attendees. You'll support pre-event activities as well as the day of the event.